Joining Values

Fidat, manufacturers and suppliers of filler materials for
professional welding and brazing in various application fields.

Values that unite, the expression that summarises the way we think and work.
Aluminium, the extraordinary material on which we have focused our research, so much so as to become specialists in all its combinations and types of use. The constant extension of the range to meet every welding, brazing and metallisation need, with the common denominator of guaranteed quality. A solid partnership with our customers, which allows us to offer our services as consultants and provide solutions according to specific needs. All this is us. All this is FIDAT.

Shared values that weld
solid collaboration relationships

Unite, join, weld. Many objects that belong to our everyday life, from large ships to the components of household appliances, arise from the assembly of several elements, and often what keeps them together is welding.

Total quality

Since its foundation in 1948, Fidat has believed in aluminium.
In a period of more than 70 years in which welding technologies, processes and products have been continuously advancing, Fidat has been alongside its customers, accompanying the evolution of industrial production.

Over time, Fidat’s professionalism, research and experience, acquired in the company, have allowed it to create a specif c know-how and cutting-edge solutions...

of application

Aluminium alloys
Superior quality, reliability,
high productivity

Welding is used in wide variety of industry sectors as well as in workshops and repair activities. Today, Fidat aluminium alloys meet all requirements, including those of specific industries: from the automotive to the maritime and aeronautical industry, from the production of heat exchangers, silos and tanks to welding work on containers, scaffolding and cranes. Whatever your welding needs, Fidat can provide you with a corresponding welding solution.

Copper alloys
Exceptional physical and chemical properties
and excellent machinability

Ductility, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity, are the peculiar characteristics of copper which, together with a high resistance to corrosion and a low melting point, make it extremely versatile for use in many industrial applications: from automotive to electronics, for joining similar and dissimilar metals on thin, also electro-galvanised, sheets.