Fidat Srl, located in Turin, Via Massari n.189, is a company producing aluminium welding alloys for TIG and MIG, fluxes for oxy-gas welding and it commercializes non-ferrous alloys for welding and brazing.

The company has acquired a great experience over the years and a significant position in the market.

The Management is constantly engaged in maintaining effective and active the Quality Management System by providing it with the necessary resources and by evaluating periodically the results while this represent the ideal support to:

  • Help the competitiveness of business and the continuous improvement of company performance.
  • Ensure compliance with the lows, the regulations and the technical applicable rules relating to its own business, as product approval, safety in working environment and data managing.
  • Fulfill customer satisfaction and to maintain the leadership on the domestic and international market
  • To promote the involvement of all the employees to implement the principles expressed by this Quality Policy and to apply themselves to meet the requirements expressed or unstated of the customers.

The Management is committed to lead the organization towards the following objectives:

  • to evaluate carefully the needs of the market and its evolution, with the reduction and resolution of technical and commercial problems, to respond consistently and fully to the needs of customers and get their full satisfaction;
  • to ensure the continuous upgrading of facilities and equipment and the respect of management quality during production processes, to improve product quality, business productivity and the competitiveness on the market;
  • to promote discussion and collaboration with suppliers, to quickly solve problems that arise and prevent their occurrence, in view of a strategic mutual convenience;
  • to promote training and continuing education of all staff on the internal and external quality and customer satisfaction, for the professional growth of human resources at all levels of the company.

The Management plans strategies in the awareness of the needs for an integrated vision of the organization in which the aspect “quality” is considered a basic condition to achieve complete customer satisfaction in compliance with the mandatory provisions and to achieve continuous improvement.

The Management