Thanks to the low melting point, the alloy allows to braze Aluminium with a wider operation window. Used mainly in the production of automotive components and in the industry of air conditioning and refrigeration with automatic wire feeding machine or manually. It does not require to wash the joint after brazing thanks to the fact the flux residues are neutral and non-corrosive. The technology used during the production process, allows the elimination of any type of binder with the result of obtaining a joint cleaner and no emission of harmful fumes due to their combustion.

Characteristics: seamless Zn-based flux-cored wire, lead and cadmium free, to flame-braze aluminium at a low working temperature. Alloy 400 FCT can be also used to braze heterogeneous joints as Al-Cu, Al-Brass, Al-Inox. The seamless flux-cored pipe type design offers highest and stable brazing quality avoiding any risk of leakage of the flux in the environment providing the right amount of it at any time to get a sound joint. Alloy 400 FCT is extremely fluid and smooth, with considerable capacity of penetration by capillarity. It is recommended to avoid any overheating and to uniformly heat the joint. The wire can be used also to produce preformed.

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  • ALLOY : EN ISO 3677 S-Zn98Al2
  • FLUX : CsAl-complex